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With over 700 million monthly active users, Instagram is here to remain, and it’sits additionally profitable than ever. However let’s face it: If your grid is poorly composed, isolated and over-filtered, you’ll be able to bet that your followers wallets can keep closed.

Your Instagram feed is an extension of your complete. I have a motto I accustomed tell my selling interns: “Keep it cute and relevant.” A relevant feed can create me interested. And if it’s cute? I’m sold-out.

If you’re interested wherever to start, begin with colour. If you can manage your colour palette, you’ll be able to achieve an initial user impression of your feed. Here area unit the highest 5 Instagram colour themes you wish to grasp regarding.

1. Millennial Pink

2016’s Pantone colour of the year wasn’t one however two colours: quartz and Serenity. Though these light-weight pink and blue shades looked nice along, it was the pink colour that took off on social media.

Now identified in style circles as “millennial pink” this shade isn’t most a colour because it is an inspiration. The term refers to the thought that pink doesn’t ought to be an entirely female colour. I like this shade as a result of it may be each loud and quiet. However, it never goes unnoted.

2. Pastel Luxe

Start with grey, add stark white walls, a splash of colours and a sprinkling of gold accents, and you’ll get LUXURY. To attain this look, flip that brightness down and dirty your shadows. This aesthetic isn’t saturated with colour — naturally delicate and classic. You’re attempting to capture that period ambience that creates you would like to twist up and do no matter the tedious activity that rain causes you to want to try and do.

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3. Chic Natural

This trend includes a superbly lit, white background with touches of brown hues and banana leaf greens. You see this palette related to manner bloggers further as interior decorators. Once Pantone declared their colour of the year for 2017, Greenery, Instagrammers took advantage by incorporating severe nature doses into their feeds.

4. Black + White in Colour

This concept may be a very little troublesome to elucidate. However, it’s achieved once the subject of the ikon is black and white, yet the ikon itself is shot in colour. If the ikon was translated into a black and white ikon, it might much be similar because it is in colour. This look is graphic and attention-grabbing and will well once tell a story or an area of a series.

5. Neo-Pop

Imagine what Andy Warhol’s Insta game would be like straight-out-of-the-tube paint, zero shadows and much of distinction and kitsch. A contemporary picture with scores of color. Modern Pop is incredibly punchy and aims to slow your scroll as you cruise through your feed. It’s merely a fun scene! You wish your followers to feel happy once they’ve taken quite a unit of time out of their day to envision out your post.

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